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First Insight's MaximEyes EHR Software Complies with Interoperability and IHE HL7 Standards


MaximEyes EHR Software
Top Line: First Insight Corp. has successfully passed the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s 2013 Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Eye Care Connectathon four-day onsite supervised testing by demonstrating MaximEyes EHR interoperability capabilities using the IHE Technical Framework.
Close Up: “MaximEyes certified EHR addresses the issues of connecting and communicating with other systems and devices so healthcare professionals can easily exchange data and interpret shared data,” said Nitin Rai, president and CEO of First Insight. “Interoperability enables better workflows and clinical summaries so health care professionals can share data accurately, effectively, securely and consistently with other information technology systems, software applications, and networks in various settings.”
Vital Stats: MaximEyes EHR conforms with IHE ADT (patient registration) and OP (Order Placer) actors, and adheres to all transactions required in the IHE Technical Framework to support the IHE integration profiles and profile options. In addition, MaximEyes EHR supports IHE HL7 standards for exchanging, integrating, sharing, and retrieving electronic health information seamlessly with other medical applications. For more information about the MaximEyes IHE Integration, view the MaximEyes IHE Integration Statement.; (800) 920-1940