Front Desk Administrator

Posted on: 4/14/2019 11:46:00 PM
Job Type: Full-time

The Paraoptometric must possess excellent communication and organizational skills in a busy and distracting workplace. He/She is the gives each patient an impression for the office.  The Front Desk Receptionist position is responsible for gathering and organizing patent information which is entirely maintained in electronic format. The Optometric Receptionist must be able to multitask well in a distracting environment that frequently requires phone conversation with concurrent entering of data into the computer, perhaps while greeting or managing second phone calls.  Our optometric technicians are in charge of working up patients in a secure medical enviornment gathering important patient information as it relates to medical history.  Our billers must be versed in the world of insurance both vision and medical. 

The potential candidate must have at minimum a high school diploma and previous experience in a Optometric/ Medical/ Dental office or similar position where she has answered multiple phone lines, maintained computerized customer records and had face-to-face interaction with the public. The qualified applicant will possess basic skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, and the Internet. He/She will be highly capable of working in an EMR environment. The successful Optometric Receptionist is able to organize and complete tasks reliably.

Position Responsibilities
The ParaOptometric is responsible for various tasks throughout the office.  Receptionists insures that patients are scheduled accurately and that patients are reminded about the appointment to minimize open slots. He/She gathers demographic, insurance and health information either over the phone or via web registration to schedule patients. He/She must be able to contact and communicate with insurance representatives to understand and explain benefits to patients. She must understand and explain patient privacy policies.  Technicians must be able to communicate details with patients in order to obtain medical information as related to there current health status.  Billers must be able to discuss with patients payments, educate patients on their benefits etc.

Administrative Duties
Administrative duties for this position include, but are not limited to, faxing, copying, scanning, phone management, preparing patients' electronic medical records, working with various insurances and understanding them, and entering extensive data in the office's computer system.
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