Clinical Manager

Posted on: 7/2/2014 11:45:00 PM
Job Type: Full-time

Position Description:
Clinical Manager
Central/Northern New Jersey


The Clinical Manager is the key staff member responsible for the organization, efficiency and patient satisfaction attributes of all clinical services at The Eye Care & Surgery Center. In concert with the Medical Director and physicians, the Clinical Manager plans, implements and monitors all aspects of clinical schedules and flows to ensure expedited patient flow while maintaining a high level of quality care in order to meet or exceed patient encounter and financial metrics developed together with the Medical Director and Practice Administrator. The Clinical manager shall direct, goal set and evaluate the clinical staff through clear communications and performance appraisals as well as “real time” feedback and ongoing training and expectation setting.  As a working manager, the Clinical Manager shall provide direct patient care and physician support as needed, including but not limited to routine medical and surgical screening and testing, advanced procedure testing, patient education and counseling for cataract surgery and lens implantation including advanced technology lens implants, refractive surgery including laser eye surgery and lens implants and other procedures as necessary.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities

1}·         Works with Medical Director and physicians to develop and monitor efficient physician schedules and operational flows

2}·         Works with physicians and within the “best clinical practices” guidelines of third party payors, AAO, American Diabetic Association and other recognized professional organizations to establish, train and reinforce preferred practice patterns for patient care

3}·         Develops, monitors and resource allocates technician schedules to ensure achievement of patient satisfaction and physician encounter metrics developed with Medical Director

4}·         Implements compliant, but optimized coding, through training, execution and audit across technician organization

5}·         Provides day to day review of physician schedules to identify issues and opportunities for continuous improvement in patient satisfaction and physician encounter metrics consistent with ECSC “customer service” standards.

6}·         Provides day to day review of technician and testing schedules to identify issues and opportunities for continuous improvement in patient satisfaction and practice encounter metrics consistent with ECSC “customer service” standards.

7}·         Provides patient education, counseling, conversion and scheduling of advanced technology IOL/Cataract patients and Refractive Surgery patients consistent with goals and objectives of practice

8}·         Provides screening, testing and clinical support for patient care needs to ensure patient satisfaction and practice physician goals are met.

9}·         Implements, monitors, reviews and audits optimized and compliant coding procedures through technician organization

10}·         Develops, reviews, updates, educates and monitors clinical policies, procedures and protocols

11}·         Develops and manages clinical budget including forecast and expense control for payroll & fringe for technicians, supplies and equipment repair/purchase.

12}·         Conducts ongoing performance management and annual performance appraisals of clinical team members and staff

13}·         Responsible for ensuring proper inventory levels and currency of supplies is maintained

14}·         Responsible for ensuring all equipment is in proper working order, checking for cleanliness and calibration of instruments

15}·         Orders and executes maintenance and repairs on equipment as necessary.

The ideal candidate will have at least 5-10 years of experience in ophthalmology clinical practice management and be a collaborative team-oriented individual. Hands on experience with EMR, strong team building skills and the ability to motivate staff is essential. Must thrive working in a fast paced, busy patient oriented medical office with drive for growth and expansion of services and providers. The ability to manage daily operations as well as implement growth oriented tactical change initiatives is critical to success. This position offers a competitive salary and benefits package commensurate with experience.

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