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Posted on: 5/12/2014 11:45:00 PM
Job Type: Full-time


All optometrists hired to work in LasikPlus vision centers shall have as their primary job responsibility to provide both pre- and post-operative optometric care to laser vision correction patients. Optometrists shall also be responsible for general eye examinations and office visits as needed. Based upon the scope of ophthalmic services provided by the ophthalmologist at the LasikPlus vision center, the optometrist may also be called upon to provide general optometric care to cataract patients and/or other ophthalmic surgery patients.  

The optometrist shall at all times endeavor to develop positive optometrist-patient relationships and educate patients as to their treatment options. The optometrist's role is to evaluate patients for LASIK or other refractive surgery and make recommendations as to treatment options to the ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist shall at all times make the decision as to the appropriate treatment for every patient.  Post-operatively, the optometrist shall work together with the ophthalmologist so as to achieve the best possible outcomes for all patients.

Optometric Services

•    The optometrist must be licensed to practice optometry in the State(s) in which he/she will be practicing prior to beginning employment at any LasikPlus vision center. The optometrist shall at all times remain in good standing with all licensure authorities.  The optometrist agrees that, upon the reasonable request of LasikPlus or Manager, he/she will use best efforts to become licensed in other states. Manager will reimburse the costs associated with such additional licensure if the optometrist obtained the licensure at LasikPlus or Manager's request.

•    The optometrist shall provide all optometric services in accordance with the current and applicable standard of care in the optometric community and the laws of the State in which the optometrist practices.

•    Every optometrist shall be credentialed prior to practicing at any LasikPlus vision center and shall submit to the quality review processes established by LasikPlus or Manager. 

•    The optometrist shall at all times practice optometry with the highest of ethical standards.

•    The optometrist will collaborate with the ophthalmologist to develop and improve care and treatment practices and learn the ophthalmologist's candidacy criteria, with a focus toward excellent patient outcomes and overall experience at the LasikPlus vision center. It is critical for the optometrist to know and understand the ophthalmologist's treatment and candidacy criteria and to utilize such criteria at all times in providing optometric care.  

•    The optometrist will participate in optometric continuing education programs as required or appropriate so as to comply with applicable standards of optometric care in the community, and to stay abreast of new technologies and industry advancements.  

•    The optometrist will participate in the risk prevention and/or risk management activities of LasikPlus or Manager.


Administrative Duties

•    The optometrist shall be reasonably available to work flexible hours as established for the LasikPlus vision center.   The optometrist may, from time to time, be required to provide on-call coverage for the LasikPlus vision center so as to ensure the highest quality of patient care.

•    The optometrist will follow the LasikPlus Best Practices model at all times.

•    The optometrist will work with the Center Director to evaluate the operations of the LasikPlus vision center, including but not limited to: 

1.    Coordinating staff education and training, including the ophthalmologist as needed;
2.    Attending meetings to discuss LasikPlus vision center performance, metrics, and local competition;
3.    Implementing strategies to achieve the monthly goals established for the LasikPlus vision center(s) at which he/she provides optometric services;
4.    Maintaining high levels of patient satisfaction by participating in the total team approach; and
5.    Assisting the Center Director in finding ways to continuously improve patient satisfaction, center metrics and performance.

•    The optometrist will maintain a positive working relationship at all times with the Center Director, Regional Director and Vice President of Optometric Affairs and will keep open lines of communication regarding the LasikPlus vision center's administrative needs.

•    For administrative purposes, the optometrist shall report to the Center Director.  At no time shall the Center Director substitute his/her judgment for that of the optometrist with respect to the practice of optometry.

•    The optometrist shall provide the Manager with reasonable advance written notice of any inability to work.  The optometrist shall provide at least thirty (30) days’ advance written notice of any vacation or leave of absence request.  

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