Ophthalmic Assistant

Posted on: 6/27/2014 5:37:00 PM
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: DOE

Assist the ophthalmologist with diagnostic and treatment-oriented procedures and administrative tasks.


1. Coordinate scheduling of patient appointments.


2. Interview patients and document ocular and medical histories. Visual acuity measurement Refractometry (measurements for the glasses prescription)


Tonometry (measure eye pressure) Measure pupil size and reactivity test and measure eye muscle function


Visual field testing


Corneal thickness measurement


Corneal curvature measurement


Corneal topography


Retinal nerve fiber layer measurement


Retinal thickness and topography


Fluorescein angiography


3. Perform a variety of routine tests using ophthalmic instruments that provide diagnostic information


4. Assist the physician during diagnostic and minor surgical procedures, including instrumentation, sterile preparations and documentation.


5. Administer topical medications or diagnostic drugs as required by the provider for testing or treatment.


6. Prepare and position patient for diagnostic tests and procedures.


7. Assist the physician with patient education pertaining to the treatment prescribed.


8. Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information.


9. Record patient charges for billing department.


10. Assist with contact lens fitting, and patient instruction




1. Prepare procedure and exam rooms; inventory equipment and supplies; replenish supplies and equipment.


2. Perform basic triage per specific office protocol procedures.


3. Maintain professional appearance and personal conduct at all times.


4. Adhere to employer work practices as described in TDC Occupational Exposure Plan policy.


5. Work as a team member within the ophthalmology department and all other departments.


6. Effectively cope with typical job stress.


7. Document work processes as required. 8. Perform other duties as assigned.






1. High school diploma or equivalent with experience in an ophthalmology setting and willing to train as an Ophthalmology Assistant; OR


2. Medical Assistant who is a graduate of an accredited Medical Assistant program willing to train as an Ophthalmology Assistant.




3 years of experience in an ophthalmology setting preferred.




1. Knowledge of ocular diseases and systemic diseases affecting the eye.


2. Knowledge of ultrasound and visual field machines.


3. Knowledge of basic eye care and hygienic methods and practices involving the treatment of the eye.


4. Strong organizational and interpersonal skills including the ability to manager interactions with difficult people.


5. Knowledge of CPT & ICD-9 coding procedures.


6. Knowledge of medical terminology.


Other Requirements:


2. Ability to multi-task efficiently and effectively.


3. Must be able to act calmly and effectively in a busy or stressful situation.


4. Ability to communicate effectively in the English language in person, by phone and in writing.


5. Requires adherence to all policies and procedures, including but not limited to standards for safety, attendance, punctuality and personal appearance.


6. Must be able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with patients, medical staff, management and peers.



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