10/10 Optics’ Ruth Domber Featured in Customer Service TEDxBryantU Talk


NEW YORK—John Boccuzzi, Jr. has been getting the perfect pair of frames from Ruth Domber of 10/10 Optics for over 20 years. Boccuzzi recounted his first visit to 10/10 Optics in 1996 as a part of his TEDxBryantU talk, “I Was Seduced By Exceptional Customer Service.” During the talk, Boccuzzi noted that although he has to take a vacation day, and travel three hours each way to get to 10/10 Optics, he continues to go because of the excellent customer experience that he received back in 1996 and every visit thereafter.

“Customer experience isn’t necessarily about the product or service that you offer, it’s about how you make someone feel during the buying journey, and frankly, after the purchase has been made,” he said.

Take a look at the clip from his TEDxBryantU talk to hear more about what Boccuzzi has to say about the importance of exceptional customer service.