Adlens Awarded 2013 Nikkei Smart Design Award

OXFORD, U.K.— Adlens has been named a winner of the 2013 Nikkei Smart Design Award, receiving second place for the design of its Emergensee collection. The Nikkei Smart Design Award recognizes advancements in Smart Design and honors companies with inventive designs that connect daily living and future innovation. It is presented by Nikkei Design, a Japanese magazine for designers, corporate managers and businesspeople engaged in product development.

Adlens Emergensee glasses provide instant vision correction. Wearers can adjust their focus by turning a dial on the frame. While correcting 90 percent of spherical refractive errors, the glasses can be continuously adjusted for near, immediate or distance focus requirements.

“Adlens is honored to be recognized for design innovation in Emergensee,” said Graeme MacKenzie, OD, director of industry affairs of Adlens “We are proud to be paving the way forward for the eyewear industry through a smartly designed product that delivers instant and attainable solutions for consumers across the world.”

Adlens recently received by the 2013 Edison Awards for its John Lennon Collection and received a bronze award in the lifestyle and social impact category for product innovation for Emergensee.