Adlens Licenses John Lennon Collection for Variable Focus Eyewear

OXFORD, U.K.— Adlens, a manufacturer of variable focus eyewear, has signed a worldwide licensing agreement for the first The John Lennon Collection of instant prescription eyewear. The collection of John Lennon variable focus eyewear will use Adlens’ fluid-injection lens technology and is based on the round, iconic shape that John Lennon is famous for.

Michael C. Ferrara, CEO and executive chairman of Adlens commented, “We love our new brand. It’s light hearted and fun. This relationship is ideal for us because it embodies the physical and philosophical essence of John Lennon. He was a true visionary who was a constant advocate for positive, worldwide change which has clear echoes in the Adlens brand and values. Our award winning technology development program is focused on transforming the way people see the world. A second aspect is our Buy One Give One program."

Ferrara added, "This iconic new collection is just the first in a range of new products that will be launched in the USA over the next 12 months.”

Adlens has a sub-license for its John Lennon Variable Focus eyewear. Eagle Eyewear, Inc., is the exclusive creator and master eyewear licensee of the John Lennon eyewear collection which is licensed exclusively by Bag One Arts and Yoko Ono Lennon.

Upon signing the new Adlens variable focus licensing agreement Yoko Ono said, “Adlens’ technology is such an interesting concept with such amazing potential that really captures the imagination. I am sure John would be proud to be associated with the glasses and the ethos behind them.”

The John Lennon prescription eyewear provides instant vision correction and immediate dispensing, the company said, adding that it will be available as the Optical Collection, Sun Collection and Imagine Collection.

Ferrara added, "Since our commercial launch in April 2011, we have manufactured and sold more product than any other company in this emerging category. Supported by our international supply chain and quality system we have become a global enterprise which leads in the development and sales of variable focus eyewear."

The John Lennon variable focus eyewear collection will be available to U.S. eyecare professionals starting in December, the company said. Sales will be coordinated through the company’s Boston office, which was opened in earlier this year.

Adlens' lens technology has won a variety of Awards including the prestigious Wall Street Journal Asia Award for Technology.