New Agreement Between Adlens and Mondottica Redefines Companies’ Roles


OXFORD, U.K.— Adlens and Mondottica announced that Adlens Europe, the joint venture they established in 2012 to sell Adlens’ products, as reported in VMail, is being transitioned into a service agreement. The agreement, which took effect Feb. 1, calls for Adlens to deal directly with European retail customers and Mondottica to provide operational support to Adlens, in addition to distributing Adlens’ products in select regions.

“Adlens has just completed its most successful quarter in Q4 2013 and is launching a brand new variable power technology platform in 2014,” said Michael C. Ferrara, CEO and executive chairman of Adlens. “In the future, as we continue to develop new technologies and increase our product range to match consumer demand, our cooperation with Mondottica will cover new ground.”

Michael Jardine, founder of Mondottica, commented, “Over the course of our partnership we have been able to identify certain core areas in which we complement each other. As we now move the cooperation to the next level, the team at Mondottica is able to focus on what we do best: Bring high quality products to our global retail partners.”

All customers are being notified of these changes in person by the Adlens sales team, headed by Drew Oppermann, international director of sales for Adlens. In the meantime, Mondottica staff are continuing to accept and process orders for Adlens products.

In addition to the fulfilment of all current commitments, Adlens is joining Mondottica at the upcoming MIDO trade show in Milan, Italy. Further joint projects are in development, according to both companies.