Alternative Eyewear Announces Exclusive Canadian Distribution With Thema Optical


ONTARIO, Canada—Alternative Eyewear has announced they have partnered with Thema Optical on an exclusive Canadian distribution deal to bring the iGreen and O-Six collections to the Canadian market. “We are seeing more and more that people love customized eyewear, it is a unique display of an individual’s personal style to be able to customize every piece of their frames,” said Paul Storace, president of Alternative Eyewear. “iGreen offers this customization in a beautiful, high-quality way with such a wide swath of options that the combinations are truly endless. It offers the ultimate eyewear wardrobe. With O-Six, exceptional acetate is the key, offering brilliant color and absolutely stunning design. Their focus on eyewear as art is inspiring to us and we found a common ground between these collections and their mission as a company,” he said.

Beginning this month, these collections will be available for independent ECPs.