As Online Recruitment Increases, Local Eye Site Marks 10th Anniversary


RALEIGH, N.C.—Noting the rapid change in online recruitment in the last decade and the growing opportunities for qualified eyecare professionals in the future, Local Eye Site (LES) celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. LES is marking its place as the most comprehensive resource for eyecare recruitment in the field, helping retail and professional clients including optometrists, ophthalmic technicians, opticians, ophthalmologists, optical salespeople and other vision care professionals. Recalls LES founder, Brad McCorkle, “I started LES because during my time in ophthalmic medical sales when I observed the difficulty ophthalmic/optometric practices were having hiring eyecare professionals.

As a person with a lot of relationships in eyecare, I was often asked by administrators or doctors for help finding a tech, optician, OD, etc. I knew that if they were coming to me for help, that must mean the current solutions weren’t getting the job done.” McCorkle cites several milestones for LES as it expanded. “We’ve formed important partnerships, like the ones we have with Jobson, including Vision Monday, 20/20, Review of Optometry and their sites. We’ve formed other key partnerships like the ones we have with the Opticians Association of America (OAA), ATPO and JCAHPO . Our vision has always been to create a network of industry organizations and media so that we could offer employers a large, yet targeted audience of eyecare professional job seekers.”

LES has provided a platform for almost 200,000 professionals to find jobs. LES has used a portion of its revenue to provide educational scholarships for technicians and opticians. Noted McCorkle, “Local Eye Site partners with the JCAHPO Educational Foundation to sponsor scholarships so that technicians seeking certification can get help with books and testing cost. We’ll soon be announcing similar scholarships for opticians through the OAA.”

More recently, Local Eye Site has taken on new activities via LES Recruiting, as a solution to help employers. “LES Recruiting is a mid-point service between a full-blown head-hunter and just posting self-service on our job board,” he explained, adding, “The LES team is are responsible for the ad creation, attentiveness to the recruiting process, and prompting ideas to build employer brand, and thus increase the odds of hiring success.”

LES has compiled some of its recruiting milestones and numbers in an exclusive Infographic. And the company has started to celebrate its anniversary with a special contest, details are posted here.