Brien Holden Vision Brings Commercial Subsidiaries Into New Business


SYDNEY, Australia—The Brien Holden Vision Institute has launched a new enterprise, called Brien Holden Vision, bringing together its commercial subsidiaries into a new business. The new venture, will “develop pathways for advanced and beneficial products and services for those in need of vision correction and to detect signs of conditions that threaten vision, eye and general health,” the company said in an announcement.

A new website will highlight the projects being undertaken by the new company, which was officially launched at last week’s Academy of Optometry (AAO) meeting in Seattle.

Among the companies is Brien Holden Vision Diagnostics (formerly Quantum Catch), which is focused on the design, manufacture and sale of affordable, high-quality diagnostic medical devices. This includes an intelligent retinal camera designed to reduce the cost of detection, screening, and monitoring of diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and other diseases. In general, the products and services of the new company will strategically target: vision care products—such as contact lenses and lens care solutions that improve health and vision, control myopia and correct presbyopia; enabling technology—technology and / or products that detect eye and health problems to deliver better health and vision care at affordable cost, and social entrepreneurship—innovative, sustainable vision care delivery systems and facilities based on best-practice affordable vision care.

Professor Brien Holden, CEO, Brien Holden Vision Institute, commented, “Brien Holden Vision Institute has a clear mission. Our core activities means we can license the cutting-edge technology developed by our teams to commercial organizations, and then reinvest funds back to sustain and expand our work in our eyecare programs around the world. This is definitely an exciting time for vision science.”