Cirillo Marcolin Confirmed as President of ANFAO and MIDO Through 2017

MILAN—At the General Meeting of the Shareholders, Cirillo Marcolin was confirmed as president of ANFAO and MIDO for the next four years, a position he has held for the past two years.

Giovanni Vitaloni was named a newly elected vice president and joins the team of four other deputy presidents who have been reconfirmed to the ANFAO Council: Maurizio Dessolis, Paolo Pettazzoni, Callisto Fedon and Renato Sopracolle.

Marcolin and the council will work with the Executive Committee which, due to a temporary ruling in the new and recently approved Statute, will remain in office until 2014. In addition to the confirmation of the president and five deputy presidents, two new members were also elected to the ANFAO Executive Committee to replace two members who resigned.

Members of the ANFAO Executive Committee are:

• Elena Berton (Arlecchino S.r.l.)
• Carlo Costan Dorigon (Gatto Astucci S.p.A.)
• Antonio De Silvestro (Di Esse S.r.l.)
• Claudio Francavilla (Luxottica Group S.p.A.)
• Salvatore Galvano (Lastes Group S.r.l.)
• Maurizio Roman (Safilo S.p.A.)
• Luca Talamona (Nomec 92 S.r.l.)
• Andrea Valmassoi (Trevi Coliseum S.p.A.)
• Gianni Vetrini (Barberini S.p.A.)
• Massimiliano Zegna Baruffa (Allison S.p.A.).

Additionally, the new MIDO Board of Directors was also appointed, including:

• Cirillo Marcolin (Marcolin S.p.A.), President
• Giovanni Vitaloni (Nico s.r.l.), Deputy-President
• Maurizio Dessolis (De Rigo Vision S.p.A.), Director
• Callisto Fedon (Fedon Giorgio e figli S.p.A.), Director
• Giovanni Accongigioco (Italia Independent Groups S.p.A.), Director
• Elena Orsi Mazzucchelli (Mazzuccelli 1849 S.p.A.), Director
• Cristiano Milone (Mirage S.p.A.), Director.

"We are already working on the organization of the next edition of MIDO in 2014, which will take place March 1 to 3 at Fieramilano Rho-Pero," concluded Marcolin. "Our objective is to ensure that MIDO continues to be the sector’s leading exhibition appointment at an international level."