Companies Settle Free-Form PAL Patent Infringement Suit


DALLAS— Essilor, VSP Optics Group, Younger Optics and Indizen Optical Technologies (IOT) have resolved a patent infringement lawsuit involving free-form progressive lens designs.

Essilor filed suit against VSP, Younger and IOT—a Barcelona-based lens design firm owned by Younger—on Feb. 22, 2013 in the Texas Eastern District Court, as reported by VMail. Essilor’s suit claimed that the three other companies infringed on U.S. patent 6149271, which is assigned to Essilor and involves progressive addition lenses and processes for making progressives. The complaint alleged that IOT developed a lens design software called IOT Futura, and Younger Optics provided semi-finished lenses, both of which help in producing VSP’s Unity PLxpression lenses.

The complaint states that IOT and Younger encouraged VSP to make such infringing lenses. Essilor also stated in the complaint that it sent a letter to defendants notifying their infringement of Essilor's ’271 patent.

Spokespersons for Essilor, VSP Optics, Younger and IOT confirmed to VMail that the lawsuit “has been settled.” A spokesperson for Younger noted that “the Younger/IOT defendants have taken a royalty-bearing license to the Essilor patent rights."