Counting Down to National Sunglasses Day 2018


ALEXANDRIA, Va.—National Sunglasses Day 2018 will take place on June 27 once again, and The Vision Council is encouraging everyone to begin planning now. Building upon the overwhelming success of the 2017 campaign—which went viral, trending on social media and garnering more than 900 million consumer media impressions—it’s The Vision Council’s goal to see National Sunglasses Day promoted and celebrated everywhere eyewear is purchased, they stated. National Sunglasses is a commemorative date celebrating the importance of wearing ultraviolet (UV) protective sunwear and eyewear.

It serves as a reminder that sunglasses are a major health necessity—regardless of whether it’s sunny or cloudy, warm or cold—and spreads the word that sunglasses and other UV-protective eyewear are key to protecting long-term eye health.

To encourage ECPs to start preparing for the day, The Vision Council has provided access to its online portal, which can be found here. There, ECPs can find an array of marketing collateral materials ranging from ready-to-use logos, social media images, downloadable posters, web banners and more.

For questions surrounding National Sunglasses Day, contact Lindsay Ruhe, The Vision Council’s marketing and communications manager, consumer programs at