Daas Luxury Optics to Distribute KBL Eyewear in U.S. and Canada


SAN DIEGO— Daas Luxury Optics has announced that they have become the exclusive distributor of KBL eyewear across the U.S. and Canada.

"I have been working with KBL for many years as a retailer, and more recently in cooperation on the wholesale side,” said Alex Feldman, founder and CEO of Daas Luxury Optics. “It's an incredible product line that creates opportunity for independent high end boutiques to offer a competitive price range against some of the inexpensive yet popular 'hipster' products in the marketplace without sacrificing quality."

Feldman added, "KBL is a great addition to Daas Luxury Optics filling a gap in our product line offerings and therefore allowing us to empower optical and optometry boutiques even more in raising awareness of the independent luxury world of eyewear."

The KBL eyewear line range brings together artistry, quality and design to develop timeless pieces adorned with unique elements with superior lens quality that includes nylon polarized lenses. The KBL team stated, "We are eager to join the Daas Luxury Optics family and be part of an organization so tightly focused around customer service."

Daas Luxury Optics is also the distributor of Alexander Daas and Tavat eyewear.