DailyOptician.com Seeking Opticianry Contributors for New Website


Tim Slapnicher, ABOC.

HASTINGS, Minn.—Designed “to create a new voice for practicing opticians,” DailyOptician.com is a new website/blog concept just getting off the ground to help opticians share ideas, best practices and their enthusiasm for eyewear dispensing.

Founder and executive director of DailyOptician.com is Tim Slapnicher, ABOC, who has been working with his brother and his father, both optometrists, at Rivertown Eyecare, based here, the family-owned eyecare practice, for several years. Slapnicher told VMail that the concept of the site is to develop a “positive space to start and engage in conversations that lead to independent and improved decision-making. We want to develop a resource that will ultimately lead to better outcomes for our customers and bottom line.”

He added, “We are accomplishing amazing results by sharing practical knowledge from experienced and skilled opticians doing a remarkable job. By sharing best practices, we raise the standard of care and ultimately feel less pressure to conform to the status quo.”

Slapnicher describes DailyOptician.com as “a never-ending brainstorming session with 365 passionate opticians across the country. Our visitors will experience an avalanche of ideas and best practices from  their optical peers.” Currently, DailyOptician features the contributions of about 20 opticians and the site is seeking a limited number of contributors from every U.S. state to post regularly. “We are looking for leaders whose common goal is to succeed while supporting and advancing the best parts of our amazing craft.”

DailyOptican.com is also forming a strategic partnership with Jobson’s Optical Group, which includes Vision Monday, 20/20, Opticians Handbook, FRAMES Data, and Review of Optometric Business. Said Marc Ferrara, CEO, of Jobson’s Information Services Division, “Opticians are a critical part of our publications’ and media audience and we’re excited to be working with the DailyOptician, which we believe will be a creative fount of information and shared ideas to help opticians be successful in what they do.”

Interested optician contributors can learn more from the website or contact Slapnicher at tim@dailyoptician.com.