Energeyes Association for Corporate-Affiliated Optometrists Announces Annual Meeting


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo— Registration for the first annual national meeting of The Energeyes Association for Corporate-Affliliated Optometrists has officially opened. To be held here at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort April 25 to 27, 2014, the meeting will feature continuing education and vendor presentations.

While the event will include presentations by vendors, it features a “no booth allowed” concept. “We believe that vendors have a lot to offer educationally,” said Mark Uhler, OD, Pittsburgh optometrist and president of the Energeyes Association, “therefore we wanted vendors integrated into the meeting instead of being separated and apart from the meeting.”

Each vendor will have 30-minute meetings with small groups of attendees, who will each meet with eight vendors of their choice. “We see this as an innovation in conferencing, and we foresee this being a new standard for quality conferences,” predicted Uhler. Among the 20 vendors attending are global sponsor, Johnson & Johnson/Vistakon, along with ICareUSA, RevolutionEHR, EyeCarePro, Allergan, Alcon, Essilor, Kemin Health and Bausch + Lomb.

Speakers will include Kerry Head, OD, Diana Shechtman, OD, Jeff Gerson, OD, Jeff Anshel, OD, Eric Botts, OD, and Joseph Pizzimenti, OD. “We are anticipating 250 members from coast to coast,” reported Jennifer Geertz, OD, board secretary for the Energeyes Association. “We ended 2013 with 270 members, ahead of our goal of 250. We believe this meeting could double our membership.”

The Energeyes Association for Corporate-Affiliated Optometrists was founded last July, as reported by VMail July 19, 2013.