Energeyes Association of Corporate-Affiliated Optometrists Adds Steven Lowinger, OD, to Board


NASHVILLE, Tenn.— Energeyes, the association of corporate-affiliated optometrists, has added Steven J. Lowinger, OD, of Miami to serve a two-year term on its board of directors. While the association was formed in 2013 by optometrists affiliated with Walmart and Sam’s Club (as reported by VMail, July 19, 2013), it has started the process of ensuring that its board reflects its growing membership of optometrists with offices in Costco, Pearle, LensCrafters, and BJ’s, according to a statement from the organization.

“We are very proud of the Walmart doctors who founded this association and have worked tirelessly to bring it to fruition,” said Mark Uhler, OD, president of Energeyes. “We also have made a commitment that this is a ‘big tent’ organization with an interest in serving all corporate-affiliated optometrists. Dr. Lowinger brings a new and welcome dimension to our board.”

A graduate of Nova Southeastern University, Lowinger has been a corporate-affiliated optometrist with Costco for 18 years with two leases in North Miami and Miami Lakes. He was chairman of the Florida Optometric Association’s leased tenant committee, 2010-2012. Currently a speaker for Alcon Laboratories and formerly a consultant for Vistakon, Lowinger has also conducted clinical research for both companies.

“I believe that the time has come for corporate-affiliated optometrists to have a bigger voice in our profession,” said Lowinger. “As optometry continues to grow and change in size and scope, many corporate-affiliated optometrists are at the cutting edge of that transition. Having an organization that is aligned with their needs can only benefit the profession as a whole. I am excited to be a part in optometry’s future by joining Energeyes and hopefully encouraging other corporate-affiliated ODs to do the same.”

“The Energeyes board has the capacity for three additional seats and is seeking appropriate member representation for those new board members,” Energeyes executive director Michael Porat told VMail. Lowinger joins the following 11 members currently on the board: president, Mark Uhler, OD, Pittsburgh; treasurer, Eric Botts, OD, Macomb, Ill.; secretary, Jennifer Geertz, OD, Batavia, Ill.; Dmitry Gutkovich, OD, New York; John Stewart, OD, Greer, S.C.; Randy Grover, OD, Miami; Naheed Ahmad, OD, Atlanta; Toseef Hasan, OD, Chicago; Alicia Lombardo, OD, Altoona, Penn.; Kim Raharja, OD, Atlanta; and Nils Olsen, OD, Spokane, Wash.