Essilor Launches New Crizal Consumer Ad Campaign


DALLAS— Essilor of America is launching a national advertising campaign that talks directly to consumers about the benefits of Crizal No-Glare lenses. The multimedia campaign began airing on television this week and will continue to roll out through the rest of the year in radio, print and digital media.

The new Crizal ads introduce a health message about the need for everyday UV eye protection and showcase the Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF), an international index developed by Essilor International that measures the total level of UV protection on a lens. The television commercial also virtually outfits viewers in a pair of glasses and engages them in activities like whitewater rafting through the mountains, camel-back riding across the desert or cruising through the city streets at night. Through two different lenses, viewers are shown how Crizal lenses compare with ordinary lenses.

“We’re continuing to recognize the value of talking directly to consumers on the importance of healthy vision—and specifically, the purchasing power they have when it comes to the lenses in their eyeglasses,” said Theresa Agnew, senior vice president of marketing, Essilor of America. “The new consumer ad campaign shows all the benefits of Crizal lenses and jumpstarts consumer thinking on the importance of everyday UV protection for their eyes.”

The Crizal 2013 campaign marks the third year of national consumer advertising for the brand and is expected to reach more than 214 million consumers. The new ads can be found on cable television stations such as Cooking Channel, National Geographic Channel, USA Network and Travel Channel; popular radio formats and stations including Pandora; and also in major consumer publications such as Women’s Health, Prevention, Real Simple and People.