Essilor to Launch New National Consumer Ad Campaign for Xperio UV Rx Polarized Lenses


NEW ORLEANS—At Essilor of America’s national sales meeting here, company executives announced the launch of the second year of national consumer advertising for Xperio UV prescription polarized sun lenses.

“We saw tremendous interest in Xperio UV sun lenses following the launch of our national advertising campaign [in 2013],” said Carl Bracy, executive vice president of market and business development, Essilor of America. “We remain committed to the growth of the prescription sunwear market and hope the campaign will continue to increase consumers’ interest in polarized sun lenses and drive more traffic to ECPs across the country.”

The Xperio UV national advertising campaign will be back on the air in the second quarter of 2014. Essilor said the campaign is intended to drive awareness of prescription sunwear and the benefits of Xperio UV lenses by showing relevant situations of how the lenses eliminate blinding reflective glare and offer an Eye-Sun Protection Factor of 50+, the highest level of UV protection that provides at least 50 times more protection from dangerous UV radiation compared to wearing no lenses at all.

To further support the independent ECP, Essilor will also launch a national point of purchase campaign, sending consumer display specialists to over 4,000 practices across the U.S. to help incorporate updated Xperio UV point-of-purchase and educational materials throughout each practice.

Essilor executives also announced that a new television commercial for the company’s Crizal lenses will begin airing Jan. 13.