Exclusive Boutique Buyers VIP Event: Eye Believe


NEW YORK—The Exclusive Boutique Buyers VIP Event is back at Vision Expo East this year. 20/20 editor in chief and senior VP James Spina will moderate the “Eye Believe” panel on Saturday, March 17 from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM in the Galleria Lounge. According to Spina, “In order to truly deliver a brand you need to BE the Brand. You need to live it. You need to breathe it. AND…you need to believe in it as you believe in your very self. This dynamic panel will consist of both independent and licensed brand frame vendors as well as independent retailers as they share their stories and what ‘Truly Believing’ means to their brands and retail business.”

Panelists will include:

• Gary Black, Black Optical
• Tanya Gill, OD, Oakland Vision Center
• Nate Ogura, Eyes on Freemont
• Edward Beiner, Eyes Forward
• Scott Shapiro, STATE Eyewear
• Jennifer Coppel, Tura
• Giulia Valmassoi, Thema Optical

After the panel, stick around for networking, cocktails, and jam out to the sounds of Eyewear Designers/DJs Coco and Breezy.

Space is limited. For more information contact Tarrence Lackran at tlackran@reedexpo.com. Sponsored by: Article One, Valley Eyewear, Philippe V, Liinta, and Coco And Breezy Eyewear.