Eye2’s Guided Tour of CES and Surfer-Sponsored Sunwear on VisionMonday.com


LAS VEGAS—While roaming the miles of aisles at International CES, held Jan. 6 to 10 in Las Vegas, VM’s Andrew Karp got a close-up look at an impressive assortment of the new eyewear technologies that were on display, ranging from augmented reality (AR) to virtual reality (VR) and everything in between. Some were prototypes designed to show “proof of concept,” while others were finished products already on the market or soon to be introduced. With examples from startups as well as major consumer electronics companies, Karp’s guided tour, ( see slideshow) will give you a glimpse of the next wave of Eye2 technology.

On the fun in the sun front, not only did three international sunglasses companies recently sign four championship surfers as brand ambassadors, but one even became the “Official Sunglass Sponsor” of an entire surfing association. Read the newest installment of High Visibility to see which international sunglasses companies teamed up with which professional surfing “Pipe Masters.”