Google Reveals More About Its Glass Project

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Google's outreach to consumers and hints about its still-to-be-formally introduced Glass project heated up last week with the debut of a Google Glass website and the announcement of a user contest related to the Glass.

A new promo video for its internet-connected glasses technology, posted by Google on YouTube, has given potential early adopters a chance to buy the as yet unreleased product. The video shows people wearing the glasses while skydiving, riding a rollercoaster, skiing, and swinging on a trapeze.

The glasses will handle many of the same tasks as smartphones, but respond to voice commands instead of fingers touching a screen. The glasses include a tiny display screen attached to a rim above the right eye and run on Google's Android operating system for mobile devices.

Google has been exploring the visual style of the Glass as well, involved last fall in a Fashion Week runway appearance for them, as reported by VMail. Last Thursday's New York Times also quoted unnamed sources who claimed that Google was discussing design concepts for the Glass with Warby Parker, though that report is unconfirmed.

Google has said the mass-market version of Google Glass will cost less than $1,500—the price paid by an exclusive number of computer programmers last June—but more than a smartphone.

The California-based company does not plan to start selling "Google Glass" in the mass market until 2014.