Google to Offer Glass to All U.S. Residents for a Limited Time


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Google is about to expand the availability of Google Glass, its proprietary Internet-connected eyewear.

In an announcement on the Google+ website yesterday, the company said that on Tuesday, April 15 at 9:00 am EDT, it will allow any adult U.S. resident to join its Glass Explorer program. So far, the company has limited enrollment in the program to a select number of applicants. Those wishing to become Explorers must pay $1,500 plus tax for Glass, the same price Google has previously been charging for the device.

Google noted that the number of spots in the Explorer program is limited, but did not specify how many spots are available or how long it will continue to accept new applicants to the program.

Google made a special presentation about Glass at Vision Monday’s Global Leadership Summit on March 26, and Summit attendees had an opportunity to try the device.