Great Lakes Management Adds New Partnership With Shoreline Vision in West Michigan


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.—Great Lakes Management Services Organization (MSO), which was established in 2017 through a partnership between Grand Rapids Ophthalmology and private equity firm Sterling Partners, announced this week that it has formed a new partnership with Shoreline Vision. Shoreline Vision is an eyecare group practice with longstanding community roots in the West Michigan Lakeshore Region, according to the announcement. The practice launched in 1996 when five ophthalmologists decided to form an alliance to provide residents in their communities the best possible vision care. The group has grown to more than 150 staff at seven locations.

"Every decision Shoreline Vision makes is dependent on improving our patients’ care, whether it is investing in the latest technology, adding sub-specialty physicians, or improving our facilities,” Dr. John N. Oltean, a founding member of Shoreline Vision and board-certified ophthalmologist, said in the announcement. “Our latest decision to partner with Great Lakes MSO and the vast resources they can provide is consistent with that theme.”

Bill Hughson, chief executive officer of Great Lakes MSO, said he believes Shoreline Vision has been dedicated to delivering the highest-quality of eyecare since its inception. “Their patient-care philosophy and approach to preserving and restoring eyesight are completely consistent with Great Lakes MSO’s vision of improving sight and changing lives.”

In addition to the seven Shoreline Vision locations, Grand Rapids Ophthalmology operates 12 eyecare offices, two surgical centers and a Skin Solutions medical spa, all in Michigan.