Guerra Speaks to Further Luxottica Acquisitions in 2014


MILAN, Italy—Against the backdrop of third quarter results that reflected a global increase in retail, wholesale, sun and Rx sales across all regions for the Luxottica Group [NYSE: LUX] for the period, company CEO Andrea Guerra said, “We are very pleased with these results. The world today is different, offering many new opportunities via new consumers and new technologies, but the world is also more unstable and more volatile. You must constantly adapt and readapt to the rules of the game.”

Guerra also stated, in comments to financial analysts following the financial presentation (see VMail Financial News, below), that the company is “…constantly reshaping our brand portfolio, and we are working on at least one new license to begin in January, 2015,” although after questioning from analysts, he declined to be more specific.

Guerra also mentioned the company was working on “at least two acquisitions, which we hope will be completed most likely in the first semester of 2014.” Again, after questions, Guerra declined specifics on these, other than to say , “On the one side, we are usually looking at local brands, ones that would sit well with our new Atelier division. In the sun retail area, we continue to look globally. And in the optical division, we are looking to Latin America and Southeast Asia.”