Hilco Vision Announces Croakies Deal With Football Tight End, Tyler Eifert


PLAINVILLE, Mass.—Hilco Vision has announced that Croakies has expanded its relationship with all-pro tight end for the Cincinnati Bengals, Tyler Eifert, leading into the 2018-2019 football season. “This elevated partnership sees Eifert formally endorsing the Croakies brand throughout his professional and everyday life,” the company stated. As a part of this partnership, Eifert will mix product endorsement with digital content, brand campaign support and exclusive product introductions. “Honestly, this was easy for me,” Eifert said.

He continued, “I’m partnering with a brand I love that fits my lifestyle. When you are always outside and on the move like I am, making sure you don’t lose your shades is a must.”

Additionally, Croakies will introduce a signature Tyler Eifert product collection to launch later this year.

“Tyler truly embodies the Croakies spirit; he’s professional and acutely dedicated to perfecting his craft, coupling that with a love for the outdoors and an appetite for adventure,” stated Chris McCullough, director of marketing for the Croakies brand.