Hoya Partners With i-Optics to Distribute Retinal Scanning Technology


UITHOORN, The Netherlands—Spectacle lens maker Hoya Vision Care has signed a multi-year contract with eye diagnostics company i-Optics to offer opticians EasyScan, a fundus camera that can perform a three-minute eyecare test that provides medical-grade images of the retina without the need of pupil dilation.  Opticians can use it as a tool for early diagnosis of eye diseases and consumer education on disease prevention. Hoya’s partnership with i-Optics market will enable opticians worldwide to launch a new way of working which focuses on the preservation of eye health by providing affordable eye exams and customized advice on best lens selection, the companies said in a joint statement.

In the statement, Hoya noted a direct connection between retinal imaging and protective lens treatments for protection against harmful UV rays and blue light emissions from digital devices. EasyScan actively involves consumers in purchasing their new lenses and helps to raise awareness of the importance of good eyecare and eyecare solutions, according to Hoya.

Hoya and i-Optics are starting their partnership this summer in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Austria, Italy and the U.S. As of the beginning of 2015, they companies said they expect to expand their collaboration globally.