Hoya Sponsors ‘Healthy Vision 2014: The First 100 Days of Essential Pediatric Eye Health Coverage’


WASHINGTON, D.C.—In recognition of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) impact on children’s vision, Hoya Vision Care sponsored “Healthy Vision 2014: The First 100 Days of Essential Pediatric Eye Health Coverage.”  The forum covered how the ACA has expanded coverage for children’s eye health by making pediatric vision care one of the 10 essential health benefits. Attendees also discussed how concerned organizations and community leaders can do even more to inform families and educators about this new benefit.

Held at the J.W. Marriott Hotel here, the “Healthy Vision 2014” forum took place on April 28, during the AOA Congressional Advocacy Conference, held April 27 to 29, 2014, at the same location, as reported by VMail. Earlier that month, the AOA Third Party Center also presented a related webinar on “ACA Implementation—The First One Hundred Days—Implications for ODs.”

Several members of the House of Representatives supporting the initiative made presentations. Greg Hicks, OD, Hoya’s director of professional affairs, welcomed guests with opening remarks and had the opportunity to discuss the issue with members of Congress.

“We live in a visual world,” said Hicks. “Our kids are always plugged in, and school books are now on tablets. According to Neil Fleming’s VARK model, we know there are three different ways people learn. Most people are a combination of visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners. However, about 65 percent of people are mainly visual learners. The importance of vision care for children throughout their scholastic careers is vital to their success.”

Barney Dougher, president and CEO of Hoya Vision Care, North America, said, “Hoya is proud to sponsor the AOA’s efforts on behalf of our kids. Families can now visit their local independent eyecare provider, receive the best services, and if necessary, available eyewear materials.”