Hoya Vision Care’s U.S. Pilot Program With i-Optics to Target Optometrists


LEWISVILLE, Texas—Spectacle lens maker Hoya Vision Care, which signed a multi-year contract with eye diagnostics company i-Optics last week, will be piloting a program in the U.S. with a select group of optometric practices, which will offer eyecare professionals EasyScan, a fundus camera that can perform a three-minute eyecare test that provides medical-grade images of the retina without the need for pupil dilation.

VMail previously reported on the global partnership. Hoya Vision Care emphasizes that the U.S. pilot is distinct from the way the program between the two companies will be handled in European and international markets.

Practices can use it as a tool for early diagnosis of eye diseases and patient education on disease prevention. Hoya’s partnership will enable ECPs worldwide to launch a new way of connecting with patients which focuses on the preservation of eye health.

The purpose of the U.S.-based Hoya and i-Optic’s pilot is to determine the best, most effective way to leverage the EasyScan device for the betterment of the independent optometric practice and their patients. Barney Dougher, president and CEO of Hoya Vision Care, U.S., stated, “We believe an opportunity exists to help patients better understand the potential effects of increased exposure to blue light, monitor retinal health and clearly differentiate the independent practice. The key is to develop this concept first by gaining feedback directly from optometrists and their staff.”