Italian Brand Vanni Starts Distribution Partnership in U.S. With Design Gallery, New Division of Match Eyewear


Marking the launch of Design Gallery and Vanni’s U.S. distribution are
(l to r) Giovanni Vitaloni, Jonathan
Pratt, Ethan Goodman and Phil Turnage.

TORINO, Italy and WESTBURY, N.Y.—Italian eyewear brand, Vanni is entering into a new distribution partnership in the U.S. with Design Gallery, a new division of Match Eyewear.

The new arrangement and the debut of the new division is effective June 1, according to executives at both companies.

“We are extremely pleased to be joining forces with Match Eyewear’s new company, Design Gallery, to ex¬pand our distribution in the U.S. market,” said Giovanni Vitaloni, Vanni’s president. “With Match Eyewear we share the philosophy of promoting a genuine creativ¬ity in eyewear. Through this new company, Design Gallery, we have found the competencies to understand our product, appreciating its technical characteristics and original features together with the understanding of its potential on the market.

“We know we can rely on Ethan Goodman and Phil Turnage, and the dedicated sales force, to deliver excellent customer service and sales support through the entire country. In the next years of cooperation with Design Gallery, we will work to help Vanni become a leading brand in the U.S. designer market segment.”

Stated Phil Turnage, Match Eyewear’s president of sales, “Design Gallery brings us into the high end markets and the potential to expand our reach across the U.S.” He added, “We will be adding a sales force dedicated to the boutique end of the industry. We will be working closely with Mr. Vitaloni to impart his message and expand Vanni’s distribution, and also support the development of limited editions for the U.S. market. ”

“We are excited about our new affiliation, not only to represent the Vanni brand, but to work with Giovanni Vi¬taloni, an extremely creative designer whose genuine approach to fashion, from start to finish, makes his collection the flagship of Italy. We look forward to many positive benefits for both our companies over the coming years,” added Jonathan Pratt, Match CEO.

Vanni began in Turin, Italy 25 years ago and its designer collections are distributed around the globe, in over 40 countries. Match Eyewear is headquartered in Westbury, N.Y., with distribution centers in Brazil, Italy and Canada, and a dedicated sales force covering the U.S., Canada, Europe and South America.