Italian Eyewear Company Area98 Opens U.S. Offices


MIAMI—In June, Area98, the Italian eyewear company, opened offices here under the name Area98 USA LLC.

“The United States market represents a strategic country for our industry,” said Elisio Tessaro, brand and product marketing director of Area98. “Only a direct presence in the territory can guarantee us a better perception of the market and its trends, a more effective relationship with the customers, as well as, thanks to the presence of an on-site warehouse, a more efficient and functional management of our brand portfolio.”

The decision is part of an expansion plan aimed at strengthening the presence of the Area98’s eyewear collections in the U.S., a particularly strategic market for the eyewear industry, according to the company. All the Area98 eyewear collections—La Matta, Kaos, Coco Song now and Oliviero Contini, Genesis Easy, K: Actor, One 2 One starting next year—are now distributed directly through the company’s Florida office in cooperation with POETS Eyewear, Area98’s partner.

Area98 currently has 11 direct sales agents with plans to increase this number to 20 in 2014 to cover the entire U.S. territory. Additionally, customers can reach direct support through customer service offered in English at (877) 341-0030 and to manage their orders and to receive after-sales service assistance for spare parts and returns.