Live Eyewear and Jonathan Paul Eyewear Settle ‘Fitovers’ Trademark Dispute


SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.— Live Eyewear and Jonathan Paul Eyewear have announced the successful resolution of their pending trademark disputes. Effective immediately, retailers will be permitted to use "fitover," "fit over," or similar variations (e.g., fit-over, fits over) to describe their products.

Trademark counsel for Jonathan Paul Eyewear, Robert B. Kleinman of Kleinman Law Firm PLLC in Austin, Texas, confirmed that the company has decided to release their trademark registrations incorporating the term "Fitovers" and added, “We arrived at a creative solution that was in the best interest of the industry as a whole as well as the particular parties. This change should unleash the massive growth potential of this eyewear segment.”

Live Eyewear owns fitover sunglass brand, Cocoons, as well as the OveRx collections designed to fit over prescription eyewear, including Vistana and LightGuard. According to a release from Live, “the parties consider this matter resolved amicably in its entirety.”