Luxottica to Provide Financial Support to Bocconi University


MILAN— Bocconi University and Luxottica (MTA: LUX; NYSE: LUX) have signed a partnership agreement where Luxottica will become a “Partner and Supporter” of the institution for five years to finance a program of study grants for university and post-graduate students.

“The partnership represents an important step for our two organizations who understand just how important teaching and training are for a country and its economy," said Andrea Guerra, CEO of Luxottica. “The people are the foundation of a company and without them no organization could exist. The organizations that seek to take advantage of the incredible opportunities offered by globalization need to hire qualified and enthusiastic young adults, removing all of the barriers that prevent the most deserving candidates from emerging and eventually occupying leading roles."

According to a statement from Luxottica, the goal of the partnership is to offer financial assistance to the most deserving students, support their training and growth path, and to support three international study programs along with the Bocconi social mobility project titled ‘Unasceltapossibile’ or 'A Possible Choice'.

The three international programs supported by Luxottica are:

• The World Bachelor in Business, a four year study program for young adults from all over the world held at Bocconi in Milan, as well as in Los Angeles (University of Southern California) and Hong Kong (University of Science and Technology).
• The Double Degree in International Management, a Master's course held entirely in English. The first year is spent at the Fudan University School of Management in Shanghai and the second year at Bocconi.
• The Post Graduate Program in Business of the Mumbai International School of Business Bocconi, the international business school opened by Bocconi in 2012.

Luxottica’s support of the ‘A Possible Choice’ project, created each year to give students from extremely difficult social and economic backgrounds the chance to attend Bocconi University courses, reimburses those students for all of their educational expenses.

“Because of the international competition in the area of education and the continuously evolving working world, universities have to be actively present in the various international markets. A path that Bocconi set out on several years ago and which it regards as being of key importance,” added Andrea Sironi, rector of Bocconi University. “But nowadays, a university cannot open itself up to the world and attract the best students and teachers without also promoting opportunities for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Luxottica has chosen to pursue the dual objective of promoting internationalization and social mobility with us."