Marcolin Group Strengthens Investments and Presence in Asia


LONGARONE, Italy—Marcolin Group has developed a plan for growth and organizational strengthening along with distribution strategies and commercial logistics in the Asian market led by a response to the renewed growth of the optical and sunglass segments in the area, the company stated. The first initiatives in this development plan are the organizational expansion of manpower, an increase in “Asian-friendly” styles, a new logistics platform and a new Asia Pacific regional office in Hong Kong.

At the end of 2017, the operating work force of the Hong Kong-based group’s APAC subsidiary began to be strengthened to support investments in the region. A new team was set up exclusively for the local optical market in Hong Kong and the design and product team dedicated to the development of “Asian-friendly” models was consolidated. Professionals dedicated to training have joined the marketing division along with sales and customer service departments.

“Thanks to the joint efforts of the design and product teams of the Longarone HQ and the Hong Kong regional office, all Marcolin Group's main brands will be able to rely on a greater number of ‘Asian-friendly’ models and fittings to meet the tastes of consumers in the Far East, with specific products for Korea, Japan and South East Asia. The development of the collections will not only be done in-house, but will also benefit from the decade-long experience of some local partners in key markets,” the company said.

In July 2018 Marcolin began collaborating with one of the leading logistics service providers and freight forwarders for the fashion and luxury industry in Asia. Through the opening of an exclusive logistics platform based in Hong Kong, Marcolin Group has been able to serve the local market as well as all APAC countries. This has also allowed the company to further improve the level of service, shortening the replenishment time for customers and to supply points of sale, with greater efficiency of logistical flows.

Additionally, in October 2018, Marcolin’s regional office in Hong Kong doubled its office space moving to a location within the Harbour City shopping complex. The new office also houses a large showroom, sales offices, as well as a new team dedicated to Hong Kong’s local market.