National Association of Vision Care Plans and Transitions Release Paper and Schedule Vision Benefits Webinar


LOUISVILLE, Ky.—The National Association of Vision Care Plans (NAVCP) has released a paper on “Invigorating Interest in the Vision Benefit” with support of Transitions Optical, Inc. Highlights of the paper will be presented during a one-hour webinar, Nov. 12, 2013, at 1 p.m. The paper summarizes presentations and discussions from a roundtable of NAVCP member medical directors, which focused on strategies to increase interest in the vision benefit, even within a crowded health care climate.

“The Affordable Care Act and its impact on health benefit strategy is the big topic with most employers these days, but where does that leave specialty health benefits like vision?” asked Julian Roberts, executive director, NAVCP and NASHO. “Employers already struggle to find the time to educate employees on the importance of this powerful wellness tool, yet it is more important than ever to get employees to prioritize vision care.”

The paper notes that while the increased use of digital devices and employees spending more time at work along with an aging population and ethnic minorities at higher risk of eye disease are resulting in the need for more eyecare, continued economic pressures and competing priorities are resulting in people delaying getting the vision care and eyewear they need.

According to the paper, this is a missed opportunity for employers to see significant savings, including through increased employee productivity, an angle underutilized to pique employer interest. The paper also notes several favorable trends creating opportunity for the vision benefit, such as increasing interest in the material side of the benefit, driven by technology advancements and consumer advertising.

Contributors to the paper include Linda Chous, OD, United HealthCare Specialty Benefits; William Hately, OD, HVHC, Inc.; Richard Hom, OD, WellPoint; Timothy Jankowski, OD, VSP Vision Care; John Lahr, OD, EyeMed Vision Care; Richard Sanchez, NAVCP; and Mark Sarno, OD, Advantica.