New Jobson Report Examines Selling Eyewear to Children


NEW YORK – A new Jobson Optical Research report, "Selling Eyewear to Children," offers a comprehensive look at the under-18 age group’s eyewear market from the eyecare professional’s perspective.

The report, combining two recent surveys of ECPs to provide a more comprehensive analysis of the U.S. children’s eyewear market, explores the children's optical business and outlines consumer buying patterns for distinct age categories within this segment, helping providers to understand the market and stay ahead. The survey’s reveal the average retail price for children’s eyeglasses, frames and lenses, conveys what ECPs view are the main challenges in selling eyewear to young people and what’s important to parents in the purchasing process. It examines popular materials for eyeglasses, types of sunwear products and reports on best-selling brands by age group. In addition, specific breakouts provide statistics about the characteristics of the business for young kids, ‘tweens and teens.

Purchasing info and a preview of the report’s table of contents is posted at the Jobson Optical Research site.