New Online Eyewear Startup, Frameri, Launches Offering Interchangeable Rx and Sun Lens Options for Frames


CINCINNATI, Ohio—A new online eyewear site, Frameri, launched yesterday, featuring a unique approach in selling glasses online that offers the consumer the choice of interchangeable prescription and sunwear spectacle lens options which fit into one of three specific series’ of frame shapes in a range of color options.

In conjunction with its official launch, the company announced that it had raised $750,000 in an oversubscribed seed round led by CincyTech with individual participants including Tom Crotty and additional undisclosed investors. In 2014, Frameri also won $100,000 from Steve Case through his startup pitch competition, Rise of the Rest, during its Midwest startup tour.

Frameri’s interchangeability is based on a concept called The Key, a small patent-pending ring attached to the lens that makes snapping ones lenses in and out as quick and easy as possible, according to the company. For the site’s launch, shoppers will have the ability to purchase one set of lenses that fit into multiple frames, choosing from three lens families: Aerial, Tidal and Terra. Shoppers can then browse through a collection of three frame styles for each family with varying options for colors, accents and sun tints, creating a total of 540 potential options.

The glasses are designed in Cincinnati, where the startup is based, and frames are acetate and made in Italy. The hinges are German-engineered. Pricing is at $100 for a pair of frames and $100 per pair of lenses. The company is offering single-vision and plano lenses for its system now; progressive lenses are in development, a spokesperson said.

"Here at Frameri, we’ve been doing product research and development for over a year now and bringing these glasses to the market is very exciting for our team,” says Konrad Billetz, CEO and founder of Frameri. “Our first line of frames are a mix of classic styles and trendier pieces that you can feel comfortable owning with our ‘one lens, many frames’ system. We hope to free glasses-wearers from conventional eyewear and allow them to explore the world around them."

Frameri provides its customers with all the necessary information and tools to find the pair of glasses that are right for them, including a unique 3-D Virtual Try-On, which allows customers to visualize the different glasses on their face, true-to-size. Users can switch between different shapes, lenses, and colors as well as compare with up to three other images of themselves to determine the best style. Additionally, Frameri provides viewers with exact measurements of each frame.