Nothing But Talent and Top Retailers on


NEW YORK—There is an old adage that says high tide raises all ships. If that’s true, it stands to reason that a high degree of talent would raise the collective talent of all on a project. Enter Meryl Streep and this week’s Bold Face: Pure Talent, along with two ladies, talented in their own right, who’ve had the opportunity to work with her. All of these ladies are also talented when it comes to picking stylish sunwear thanks to the likes of Marchon, Luxottica and Marcolin.

When it comes to talent in the optical arena, Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center is a standout. Previously a finalist, Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center pulled ahead of the pack to become Transitions Optical’s 2013 Regional Retailer of the Year. How did they do it? Go to to listen to the executives of this growing Arizona-based optical group describe how they achieved this win. Also hear 2013’s other finalists—Henry Ford Optimeyes of Michigan and Northeastern Eye Institute of Pennsylvania—describe their sales and marketing techniques for being honored among the top retailers as well.