ODs’ Legal Concerns Are Focus of Sept. 18 'Power Hour'

FRANKLIN LAKES, N.J.— Handling legal issues, and preventing them in the first place, are an integral part of managing a successful practice. Lawyer and optometrist Craig Steinberg, OD, JD will address potential legal concerns with patients and employees as the topic of discussion on the Wed. Sept. 18 edition of “The Power Hour,” the weekly online radio talk show hosted by Gary Gerber, OD, founder of The Power Practice, a practice management company.

Said Gerber, “If a patient refuses dilation, and goes on to have a retinal detachment three weeks later, are you liable? A staff member who has used all of their vacation times asks you for another week off, without pay. Should you agree to this? Without having an attorney on retainer, what can you do to prevent scenarios like those above from destroying your practice, or at very least, keeping you up at night?

“Craig Steinberg, OD, JD is a well-known optometrist and practicing attorney and he'll be joining the next episode of the Power Hour. As an OD who spends most of his time practicing law, he offers up a unique perspective to real world optometric scenarios that, properly managed, can turn from catastrophe to annoyance. This is a great opportunity for listeners to have their legal questions answered.”

“The Power Hour” radio shows are sponsored by Essilor of America and VSP Global. The show, which can be heard online or by phone every Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. E.T., is a live discussion vehicle for current practice-building events in optometry, political viewpoints and clinical topics. Listeners can dial in to “The Power Hour” from any phone at (646) 716-8746 or can listen in from any computer or smart phone. The Power Hour sessions, which launched in 2012, are archived  on The Power Practice site. Users can also click to listen to past shows or download segments on iTunes.