OneSight Adds Three New Countries to Programming and Announces 2019 Clinic Locations


CINCINNATI—OneSight has announced the locations of their 2019 clinics, as well as the addition of three new countries to their programming. In 2019, OneSight plans to expand their programming to Jordan, Mongolia and Nepal, where they will host charitable vision clinics in remote communities, helping bring eyecare to those who, otherwise, would have no way to get an eye exam or glasses. OneSight uses cutting-edge mobile vision care technologies to reach remote communities in need of eyecare, which they displayed on a recent expedition to the Amazon, according to a statement from the organization.

On that expedition, OneSight “validated that mobile technology will not only enable the organization to see more patients, but will also empower a more agile response to vision needs around the globe,” said a company spokesperson in a press release. K-T Overbey, OneSight president and executive director said, “The Amazon clinic demonstrated OneSight’s capability to respond to vision need in one of the most remote communities in the world. Through programming innovation and technology, we are able to expand programming to reach even more communities, anytime and anywhere.” In 2019, OneSight will bring this new technology to three more remote locations.

In Jordan, OneSight will provide eyecare to thousands of Syrian refugees from the Al Zaatari and Al Zarqa camps. To do this, they’ve partnered with the local Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Ministry of Health, who will help by providing the space for the clinic and support.

In Nepal and Mongolia, OneSight will be using a new nimble clinic to reach remote communities. This new approach will include small teams and lightweight mobile equipment that is still accurate and reliable. In both countries, OneSight has partnered with local organizations that can help, such as the Better Vision Foundation Nepal and Orbis in Mongolia.

Wayne Tennent, OneSight director of programming for Asia Pacific said, “My team and I are on the ground in each community we serve to ensure the right approach is in place to enable access to vision care. We are ultimately striving to provide a permanent vision care solution in Mongolia and Nepal to enable people with poor vision to gain a better education and a better life.”

In addition, OneSight has released the full list of their 2019 charitable vision clinic locations, where over 1,400 Luxottica volunteers and optometrists will join the OneSight team to provide vision care and quality eyecare to those who need it. The 2019 U.S. clinic locations include Natonal City, Calif; Chicago, Ill.; Kansas City, Mo.; Browning, Mont.; Fishkill, N.Y.; Puerto Rico; Houston, Texas; and Walking Shield, while the international clinic locations include Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Columbia, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Mexico, Mongolia, Peru, Tanzania and Thailand.