Optical Women’s Association Debuts New Job Board


DALLAS—The Optical Women’s Association (OWA) has announced a new job board feature on its website. The OWA’s overall mission is to enhance and promote the leadership role of women in the optical industry, and the new OWA job board does that by connecting employers with potential job candidates, the group said. OWA members and sponsor companies can freely use the job board to post and search for jobs across the optical industry. The OWA aims to provide an outlet for sponsor companies and members to be able to search for opportunities and hire the best talent in the industry.

“We are pleased to offer this essential benefit to our sponsor companies and world class membership,” said Tiara Claxton, OWA president, Western regional sales manager at Thelios. The OWA is a blend of talented optical professionals from all over our Industry. We look forward to growing our job board postings. We hope our members and sponsors enjoy this new OWA benefit.”

Companies who are Professional Development Fund sponsors of the OWA, along with individual OWA members can fill out an online form to get their jobs posted quickly to the OWA job board. Non-members and non-sponsor companies will also have the opportunity to utilize the job board features by working with the OWA office and submitting a $150 fee per job listings.

Further explanation of the OWA job board policy and listing information is posted here on the OWA site. Listings will automatically lapse two months from the posting date, but may be taken down sooner in the event the position is filled. There will be a link to the job board page included in the monthly e-newsletter of the OWA. The OWA reserves the right to decline a job listing.

Fees collected will go toward the OWA Charity of Choice Fund, where various charities will receive donations from OWA based on the recommendations of the OWA Award recipients who are honored during Vision Expo East. All job submissions will be sent to OWA’s office and approved and posted by the OWA executive director.

Founded in 1997 as a nonprofit, the Optical Women’s Association is committed to supporting and promoting the professional development of women involved in all facets of the optical industry. As the vision of the OWA evolves and expands, it maintains the focus of the OWA’s founding principles and core mission: to enhance and promote the leadership role of women in the optical industry through networking, education and peer support.