PPG, Opticians Association of Canada Announce Inaugural Scholarship Recipient


Erin Redden.

PITTSBURGH—PPG, in partnership with the Opticians Association of Canada (OAC), announced that Erin Redden of Barrie, Ontario, Canada, is the first recipient of a three-year scholarship for the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) optical sciences program. PPG and OAC created the scholarship to support students striving to join the community of opticians in Canada. Awarded to one incoming student each year, the scholarship covers tuition fees for all four semesters of NAIT’s eyeglasses program and the two-semester contact lens program.

Applicants for the inaugural scholarship were asked to write a 700-word submission explaining why they wished to become a licensed optician. A panel of judges from PPG and OAC reviewed the submissions for their creativity, passion and patient engagement.

“As a long-term leader in the optical industry, PPG is committed to educating and helping aspiring opticians enter the field, and we are excited to partner with OAC to sponsor this scholarship,” said Nathan Troxell, PPG global marketing manager, specialty coatings and materials. “Although we received a large number of high-quality applications, Ms. Redden’s unique submission demonstrated a combination of creativity and passion that made her our top choice. We wish her the best of luck as she takes the next step toward her future career as an optician.”

Robert Dalton, executive director, OAC, said, “The partnership with PPG to create this scholarship enhances one of our key missions of supporting and promoting the highest standards of education and licensing for Canadian opticians. We are thrilled that Ms. Redden is pursuing a career as an optician and are confident that her love of science and passion for exceptional customer care will lead her to great success.”