Prevent Blindness America Offers New Resources on Serious Eye Condition Affecting Boomers and Seniors


CHICAGO— Prevent Blindness America has added a new resource to its online educational library, highlighting symptomatic vitreomacular adhesion (symptomatic VMA), a serious eye condition affecting Boomers and seniors in the U.S. The new section, the sVMA Learning Center, provides information on the signs, symptoms and treatments available for symptomatic VMA.

The sVMA Learning Center includes:

• Signs and Symptoms of the Condition
• Who’s at Risk
• How Doctors Check for Symptomatic VMA
• Treatment Options including “watchful waiting,” surgery and a new FDA approved treatment

According to PBA, symptomatic VMA is a lesser known eye disease that primarily affects adults over the age of 70, but can also occur in adults at age 50 and above. The condition occurs when the gel that fills the eye, the vitreous, liquefies and loses shape, separating the retina at the back of the eye which can eventually lead to visual distortion and a loss of central vision.

“We’re very pleased to bring information about symptomatic VMA to the public,” said Hugh Parry, PBA president CEO. “It’s vitally important for people to know the facts and to learn about the symptoms and new treatment options to help protect their sight.”