Silhouette Mourns Loss of Arnold Schmied, Sr.


LINZ, Austria – Austrian eyewear company Silhouette International is mourning the loss of its co-founder, Arnold Schmied, Sr., who passed away Jan. 31 following a long illness. He was 89 years old.

Schmied and his wife, Anneliese, founded the company in 1964 with the objective of making fashion accessories out of what were once considered medical/visual aids.

In a statement, Silhouette’s board of directors pointed out, “With the passing of Arnold Schmied, Sr., not only have we lost a great entrepreneurial personality, but a person – pioneer and visionary – who has marked the lives of us all and who, with his courage, his enthusiasm, and his joy, will always be a role model for us. The management and employees of Silhouette International bow down in gratitude before a great entrepreneur and person, and will continue his life's work with joy and enthusiasm, just as he would.”

Based in Linz, the company now employs around 1,500 people and has a strong presence in through optical as well as travel retail channels around the world. In addition to its own branded eyewear, it also manufactures frames under license for Adidas.

Silhouette is marking its 50th anniversary this year.