Think About Your Eyes Campaign Announces Spy as Additional Industry Partner


ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Public health initiative Think About Your Eyes (TAYE) has announced Spy Optic as its latest industry partner to join the campaign, a program sponsored by a non-profit organization under The Vision Council to educate the public about the importance of eye health and eye exams.

Spy joins a growing list of industry members which includes The Vision Council, National Vision, Inc. (NVI), Refac Optical Group, SpecialEyes, Walman Optical, Transitions, Essilor, Luxottica and most recently, Gunnar Optiks, as reported in VMail earlier this month.

“Spy strongly believes in the importance of taking care of our vision,” said Jim Sepanek, executive vice president of Spy. “The vision community needs campaigns like Think About Your Eyes to inform the public about the significance of annual, comprehensive eye exams and the impact they can have on overall health and disease prevention.”

TAYE is also planning to resume national advertising efforts in February, with television, radio, print and digital efforts, as well as social media engagement, on the horizon for 2014, as reported by VMail.

ECPs are encouraged to join the initiative, as stated by TAYE partner and Vision Council CEO, Ed Greene. He said, “As the Think About Your Eyes campaign continues in 2014, we encourage those eyecare providers who haven’t already enrolled to join this initiative to ensure consumers can find them on the doctor locator.”

Industry members interested in becoming official partners should contact Dave Plogmann, director, industry relations, at

Eyecare providers who wish to become members of TAYE can visit or contact Jon Torrey, director, professional relations, at

For general campaign inquiries, contact Rick Holt, executive director via email at or by phone at (703) 548-6504.