Vision Precision Holdings Launches New Advertising for its Stanton Optical, My Eyelab Units


PALM SPRINGS, Fla.—In an effort to bring a bit of humor to eyewear retailing and eyecare, Vision Precision Holdings, parent company of Stanton Optical and My Eyelab, has launched a new advertising campaign using the tagline, “Designer Looks Without the Drama.” The company says this is a “first step in the brands’ quest to change the industry’s dull reputation by providing a modern eyecare experience that’s fast, friendly and affordable,” according to an announcement. The new ads feature “Macula” the villain, a “megalomaniacal designer of haute couture eyewear,” the announcement noted.

One of the 30-second television ads in the campaign can be viewed here. Macula has a tendency to throw tantrums and gives his staff a difficult time, but the ads cut to a happy customer at a My Eyelab or Stanton Optical store who is receiving drama-free service.

Stanton Optical and My Eyelab, which operate a combined 98 stores, are on a “quest to deliver ‘Easy Eyecare,’” the announcement noted.

“Macula is the personification of everything that’s broken and wrong in the optical industry — such as buying overpriced eyeglasses after an archaic, tedious and time-consuming eye exam,” Vision Precision Holdings founder and chief executive officer Daniel Stanton said in the announcement. “Much to Macula’s dismay, he knows his reign is coming to an end, due to Stanton Optical and My Eyelab’s innovative eyecare approach.”

According to the company, this innovative approach includes merchandising frames by shape, rather than price or brand; offering telemedicine exams that allow more accessibility and speed of eye exam (currently available at all My Eyelab locations and select Stanton Optical locations); and turning around single-vision glasses in 15 minutes in select Stanton Optical locations.

Additionally, Vision Precision Holdings said it plans to continue growing its franchise operations this year in four existing markets—Dallas, Atlanta, Miami and Gainesville, Fla.—while moving into a few additional markets, including in Orlando, Houston, San Antonio and Harlingen, Texas.