VSP Global Launches Eyes of Hope, a Global Charitable Fund

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.— VSP Global is launching Eyes of Hope, a new initiative that it describes as a “global charity platform” that ties together and expands the scope of VSP Global’s multiple programs to provide access to eyecare around the globe.

“Each of the VSP Global companies has a long-standing commitment to giving back,” said Rob Lynch, president and CEO of VSP Global. “Reorganizing and adding to our existing charity programs allows us to broaden our reach and diversify our philanthropic efforts around the world.”

Eyes of Hope, which is organized as a 501(c)(3) global charitable fund, will focus on four main program areas: a global charitable fund to provide monetary support to vision related projects around the world; eyewear collection and donation; mobile eyecare clinics and eyecare gift certificate programs.

According to VSP Global, the fund was established to direct VSP Global companies’ community engagement dollars, as well as provide a tax deductible donation source for individuals and strategic partners who want to support eyecare projects around the world. The first project is a sustainable eye clinic and child eye health program in Soweto, South Africa, through a partnership with Nike Vision. The VSP Global board of directors each personally contributed to the fund as a show of support for its mission.

“Over the years we have had many individuals, partners and even clients who have wanted to donate funds to support our corporate charitable programs but have not had an avenue to do so,” said Stuart Thomas, OD, VSP Global board chair. “By creating a tax deductible charitable fund, we will provide an attractive charity complementing our existing programs and extending our reach.”

To date, VSP community outreach programs such as VSP Mobile Eyes and Sight for Students, and through relationships including those with the American Red Cross and Optometry Giving Sight, VSP has invested close to $155 million in free eyecare and eyewear for more than 825,000 adults and children in need.