Warby Parker Issues Infographic 365-Day ‘Annual Report’ for 2013


NEW YORK— Warby Parker marks its 2013 milestones, company workplace culture tidbits, details about bus tours and other public relations events in the latest edition of a whimsical, infographic “Annual Report” for 2013, which displays no financial information. It was issued last week.

As it has done in prior years, as reported by VMail, the company uses illustrated graphics, this year in a hand-drawn style, combined with images in a shareable format, to offer bits and bytes of info about the company’s progress in the 12-month period in an interactive graphic, which traces the information for each of 365 days, organized by month and tags, including a tongue-in-cheek depiction of many misspelled internet keyword searches for the company name during the year.

This includes a notation that “500,000 pairs of glasses have been distributed to people in need.” This compares to the 250,000 the company reported distributing to people in need in 2012, implying a doubling of their sales volume as well, though the infographic does not detail sales data. A spokesperson confirmed to VMail that the 500,000 number represented a “cumulative” total of donated glasses over the three years of the company’s existence.

As VMail reported in December, Warby Parker recently raised another $60 million round of funding, on top of the $55 million that the eyewear company received via its three previous rounds in prior years.